About Tyrants Among Us

Take a searing look into the eyes of evil.

A game changer for the global peace movement, this extraordinary book courageously digs into the roots of violence and repression so the people of the world can begin to free themselves from the heavy yoke of oppression.

Tyrants Among Us invites you to learn from the experiences of Marvin Gaye, Princess Diana, Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii, and others whose lives have been devastated by the pathological few who continue to subjugate the many.

A sociologist, pshychotherapist and independent researcher, author Sophia Wien offers a unique analysis of the challenges we face, making the crucial link between the pathologies of tyranny at three levels of society: family, dynasty, and nation.

Only by recognizing the modus operandi of tyranny at each of these levels can we begin to achieve peace, prosperity and well-being for all.

Author Sophia Wien is not afraid to expose evil wherever it can be found, unveiling the malfeasance of entitled elites who puff themselves up, demand unearned privileges, and always seem to want more, no matter how much they already have. With brutal honesty she shows how, incapable of empathy and compassion, cold blooded despots and sadists are well on their way to forcing a permanent state of terror, trauma and chaos on citizens across the globe, in order to keep control and keep the world's knowledge, natural resources and wealth, all to themselves.

Illuminating the pathology of tyranny in the family, tracing the history of wars waged by a criminally insane few against nation states and peoples and providing the crucial link between tyranny in family, dynasty and land, this powerful book offers real solutions to overcoming oppression and achieving peace, prosperity and wellbeing for all.

This is not the first book to shine light on a global pathological few and pernicious forces. However it is the first to provide enlightening, psycho-social analysis, connect dots that have not been connected before and hand the public the necessary tools to meet the enormous challenge at hand.